La Tenuta


We explored the Piceno, our territory, until we came across a particularly vocated site.

A natural amphitheater ooking out to the boundless horizon of the overlooking Adriatic Sea


It happens in the course of life that we make encounters and gain experiences that broaden our horizons: this is how in the early 1990s we approached the world of wine production, to arouse emotions. At first it was curiosity, then thirst for knowledge, then passion was ignited. As professionals in a field other than winemaking, we tried to apply a method to become small producers with the ambition to achieve excellent qualitative results.

We were looking for a trace, an irrefutable memory, and we found it in the presence of a stone Palmento located in a small but significant thicket of a property of a few hectares in Ripatransone. We bought this property with the intention of planting DOC Offida vines and, with the help of those who share with expertise and passion the ancient and modern art of the contemporary winemaker, we strive to improve day by day.


From the hills of Ripatransone, in a vineyard with unique characteristics, come the grapes of our wines which represent the synthesis between the talents of territory, tradition and winemaking culture

The estate is composed of agricultural land and part of woodland. The Winery was built in a single body after the demolition of the pre-existing unit, dating back to the 19th century with the same functions, now reallocated after abandonment due to lack of generational turnover and the flight from the countryside that occurred during the 1960’s.

Vines, it is known, visually adorn the landscape combing it like few other crops. The location of the San Michele a Ripa Property is a natural amphitheater that looks out to the boundless horizon of the overlooking Adriatic Sea.


Ripatransone stands atop a ridge at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. It is also known as the Belvedere of the Piceno due to the breathtaking view one enjoys while observing the horizon that spans from the Sibillini Mountains to the Adriatic Sea.

Our Estate is situated on a hill below Ripatransone in the context of the 3 contrades: San Michele, Castellano, Brancuna, and is only 7 km from Cupramarittima. It is a fact that vines have always grown on these hills since the time of the ancient Picenes people, who settled practically in the actual Marche Region during the 1st millennium BC. It was not until the 3rd century B.C. that the Picenes were persuaded to establish agreements with the Roman Empire, as testified by documents and artefacts from that period, and in particular by the Roman Colony of Ager Cuprensis, known by the name of "Regio V Piceno," which was at the center of an intense supply activity of agricultural specialties of the area, thanks to the nearby port, and highly appreciated in Rome.

How to reach us

GPS Coordinates: 43° 1' 11.0028'' N 13° 46' 42.5892'' E (43,01972 – 13,778497)

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